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  1. Let us utilize this day by spending it in its true spirit. Happy World Tobacco Day!
  2. Spread the word against tobacco and raise awareness. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day!
  3. Let us all urge our brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts to give up smoking for the sake of their precious lives and the lives of others that they hold dear to them. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day.
  4. When you take a puff of your precious cigarette, do you ever think of how your health will affect the lives of your wife and children? If you don’t its time you do. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day everyone.
  5. Smoke only if you think the lives of your family members matter less than your tobacco. Have an awareful and a happy World Tobacco Day!
  6. If you welcome tobacco to your life you must remember that you can’t have other people in your life too. Have a great World Tobacco Day.
  7. Tobacco and happiness cannot go hand in hand and you must choose one between the two. Happy World Tobacco Day!
  8. Eradicate cigarettes out of your lives before it ruins your life. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day.
  9. Let us take part in the many campaigns that are organized today to remind the people about the dangers of tobacco. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day everyone.
  10. The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step…. take the first step to your goal by saying no to tobacco.