Quit Smoking on World No Tobacco Day

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  1. If you want to live longer and happier then you can do so by stop smoking and embracing life with healthy heart and healthy lungs.
  2. Stop smoking because you love your family… Stop smoking because you want to live longer and healthy.. Stop smoking for a better life!!!
  3. The best way to live life is healthy and it does not come in that form when you smoke.. Stop smoking!!!
  4. By quitting smoking, you quit all the bad things in your life and add beautiful things to life.
  5. Don’t quit your life but quit smoking and enjoy your life.. Smoking is the worst way to live life.
  6. When you smoke, you are not only killing yourself but you are also killing the ones around you.
  7. Congratulations on quitting smoking. Appreciate your willpower.
  8. Congrats! You have learned to love yourself.
  9. Losers never quit. Quitters never smoke. Congratulations on quitting smoking
  10. You are amazing, just loved your motivation to quit smoking. Congratulations!