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  1. It is never easy to quit an addiction and we salute those ex-smokers who have managed to get past their habit. Happy World Tobacco Day!
  2. To all those people who have managed to get rid of their addiction for tobacco, I wish to congratulate you and thank you for setting an example to so many others who are trying to do the same. Have a very happy and healthy World Tobacco Day!
  3. People who say smoking relieves them of tension, I would like to let you guys know that there is a huge percentage of the world’s population that does not depend on smoking to relieve them of their troubles. So stop making excuses and have a very Happy World Tobacco Day!
  4. People are losing their family members and loved ones because of this addiction to tobacco. Have a positive and healthy World Tobacco Day!
  5. It is high time that we realize the importance of a Healthy lifestyle and educate others about its importance. Have a very Happy World Tobacco Day!
  6. Don’t give into smoking just because of peer pressure instead pressurize your peers to have healthier lifestyles and wish them all a very healthy and Happy World Tobacco Day!
  7. Cancer is caused by tobacco and it is a disease that gives a person a death sentence in the majority of the cases. So stay healthy and have a very Happy World Tobacco Day!
  8. Tobacco cuts down on the number of years a person gets to live and that is more than enough reason to stop consuming tobacco. Happy World Tobacco Day!
  9. Stop consuming tobacco and have a healthy World Tobacco Day!
  10. It is so sad that innocent newborns have to live in a world so polluted by smoke and often have to come across people consuming tobacco. Hope for a better future and wish everyone a very Happy World Tobacco Day!