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  1. Tobacco is a slow poison which kills us and kills our loved ones gradually every day… Let us save the lives of our loved ones from this poison which is ruining our lives and murdering our happiness and health… Say no to tobacco.
  2. If you want to live long and live healthy then Tobacco is not the way but leaving Tobacco is the only way… Live happy, live safe by not letting the ill effects of tobacco harm you and your family members… Let us all say no to tobacco.
  3. Smoking takes life… Cut it out from your life!!!
  4. If you love your family then say no to smoking and tobacco.
  5. Make this No Tobacco Day more meaningful by keeping it away from your life.
  6. Let us have an environment free from smoke so that our coming generations can breathe free.
  7. A healthy heart and a happy smile come to your life when you leave smoking.
  8. Either smoke can stay in your life or good health… Choose what you want.
  9. You can only dream for a healthier environment if there is no smoke to pollute it.
  10. Don’t let your loved ones inhale the air that is infused with your smoke… Quit it for your loved ones.