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  1. When you are smoking, you not only destroy your health but also pollute the environment and affect the health of the others around you. Wish you all an awareful World Tobacco Day!
  2. Your family and friends need you. Save their lives and save yours. Happy World Tobacco Day!
  3. Smoking gives you the pleasure of a moment but kills you in the process. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day people!
  4. You get just one life to live and do not let it go in vain by harming yourself and your loved ones. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day everyone!
  5. No temporary pleasure especially tobacco is worth destroying your health and mind. Have a great World Tobacco Day people!
  6. Real life begins when you come out of the fake comfort zone and indulge in the beautiful gifts of life. Happy World Tobacco Day.
  7. It is an irony that people believe tobacco and smoking bring peace in their lives. Have an educated and awareful World Tobacco Day!
  8. Tobacco and happiness cannot go hand in hand and if you think so, you are definitely not living your life. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day!
  9. Let us utilize this day by spending it in its true spirit. Happy World Tobacco Day!
  10. Spread the word against tobacco and raise awareness. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day!