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  1. Yoga implies, Addition of Energy and subtraction of wasting energy, Strengthen the Beauty of Body, Mind and Soul with Yoga
    !Happy Yoga Day !
  2. Yoga gives us the lesson to cure what is fatal to be endured and to endure what you cannot cure.
    Wishing You Happy International Yoga Day!
  3. Yoga shows you the path to Freedom. By practicing it constantly we can free ourselves from Anguish, Fear, and Loneliness and move towards the path to happiness
    !Happy International Yoga Day 2021 !
  4. Yoga is that Light, which, if you can lit once; will Never get Dimmed, the more you Practice, the Brighter the Flame will be.
    Happy International Yoga Day 2021 !
  5. You cannot do yoga.
    Yoga is your natural state.
    What you can do are yoga exercises,
    which may reveal to you
    where you are resisting your natural state.
  6. Yoga teaches us to be in harmony, to become A means! Once you start practicing it you realise that now you will be in harmony, You will have to become one.
    Wishing You a Very Happy Yoga Day
  7. Yoga introduces you to as way of rediscovering yourself A sense of completeness gets in tune with life!
    Happy World Yoga Day
  8. Yoga is that music, which keeps you flowing, The Rhythm of the body gets in tune with life, The harmony of the souls and the melody of the mind create the symphony of life!
    Have a Great and Healthy International Yoga Day!
  9. Yoga Sets our Mind into Silence. With Yoga when the mind gets settled, we get drifted to our basic nature, the unbounded one which has essentially been overshadowed by the mind’s activity! Happy World Yoga Day 2021!
  10. Its not only about touching the feet or bending it down it’s also about unlocking the idea about what you want from life! It helps you to understand where you can go! And the way of achieving that goal! Happy International Yoga day 2021!