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  1. May God protect you and good luck!
    So that all problems are solved like a finger at the click!
    The main thing, do not forget to stay real,
    The main thing, do not forget to fully believe in a dream!
  2. Your open spaces are endless
    Your fields are immeasurable!
    Today is an unusual day,
    Holiday of the country of my beloved!
  3. And on this day I want to congratulate
    All citizens, and their kids!
    May everything be fine with you,
    And thoughts will be all fresh!
  4. Russia is a generous soul!
    Russia, you are the second mother!
    You love all your children
    And this is visible to us, obviously!
  5. I want to congratulate the holiday
    The people of our big country!
    And let luck get it
    To all of you on each side!
  6. Is there a mighty power
    What is the country that is called Russia?
    She is full of power, she is full of temper,
    Has character and is very beautiful!
  7. And all the people that live in it,
    They love her very much, she is their mother!
    I sincerely congratulate you on the occasion,
    I wish you health, I wish you well!
  8. I congratulate people all over the country
    With that holiday that is important for everyone here!
    I wish you did not know the war,
    On the street was heard children’s laughter!
  9. I wish there was no poverty here
    Everyone was abundant and there was joy!
    I want kindness to live in you
    Love, beauty and good deeds!
  10. I want to congratulate you my friend
    With that day, that joy will bring!
    I hope in this life
    We are all specifically lucky!