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  1. Lets begin with the best and the most beautiful Iceland quotes right away. – Happy Icelandic National Day
  2. Ive walked a lot in the mountains of Iceland. And as you come to a new valley, as you come to a new landscape, you have a certain view. If you stand still, the landscape doesnt necessarily tell you how big it is. It doesnt really tell you what youre looking at. The moment you start to move the mountain starts to move. – Olafur Eliasson – Happy Icelandic National Day
  3. Iceland is a nature lovers paradise. – Gabriele Handl
  4. The most amazing thing about Iceland is not the lava fields, the hot springs or the glaciers. It is the fact that there is 13,000 km of roads that will take you into this uncharted wilderness.
  5. Iceland, one of the most exciting countries in the world. – Don Young – Happy Icelandic National Day
  6. Iceland is indeed a wilderness, the stamp seems to assert, but it is our wilderness. – Karen Oslund – Happy Icelandic National Day
  7. Iceland has such amazing landscapes. Its also why Iceland is considered an art of Scandinavia in only a cultural sense. – Andrew Evans – Happy Icelandic National Day
  8. Iceland is a different version of paradise.
  9. Iceland is full of hot springs and rivers, which often flow down spectacular waterfalls on their way to the sea. – Jonathan Wilcox
  10. Iceland is not just a sightseeing destination but a place where we come to feel things weve never felt before – what its like to be the only person on earth or how it feels to be outnumbered a million to one. – Andrew Evans