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  1. Free Create Russia Day 2022 Greeting for your CustomerMy dear Russian,
    Happiness, joy to you in life!
    And immense fun
    Never lose heart!
    Happy Russian Day 2023!
  2. Happy country day so powerful!
    Let you enjoy life
    Your every happy occasion!
    Happy Russian Day!
  3. Let you be knee-deep
    All seas and oceans!
    Congratulations to you, family,
    Dear Russians!
    Happy Russia Day 2023!
  4. To my brotherly country
    In your people, in your robot?
    Happy Russian Day
    And thanks for the care!
    Happy Russia Day!
  5. Day of the great, strong country,
    Celebrates the whole of Russia!
    I want to congratulate everyone
    Resident of this country!
    Happy Russian Day 2023!
  6. That country that in the world for sure
    Unique for people!
    May the power prosper
    And with her you prosper!
    Happy Russian Day!
  7. My dear Russian, on this day I wish you
    That all dreams come true, to be healthy always!
    Happy Russian Day!
  8. Happy Russia Day and I wish you good luck,
    May the Russian wall always protect you!
    Happy Russia Day 2023!
  9. Let there be order in the family and problems not disturb!
    May goodness always ripen and happy years! Happy Russian Day!
  10. At work and in business, let there always be prosperity,
    May trouble never come to visit you!
    Happy Russian Day!