12 июня с Днем России желает образов

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  1. To my brotherly country
    In your people, in your robot?
    Happy Russian Day
    And thanks for the care!
  2. Day of the great, strong country,
    Celebrates the whole of Russia!
    I want to congratulate everyone
    Resident of this country!
  3. That country that in the world for sure
    Unique for people!
    May the power prosper
    And with her you prosper!
  4. My dear Russian, on this day I wish you
    That all dreams come true, to be healthy always!
    Happy Russia Day and I wish you good luck,
    May the Russian wall always protect you!
  5. Let there be order in the family and problems not disturb!
    May goodness always ripen and happy years!
    At work and in business, let there always be prosperity,
    May trouble never come to visit you!
  6. Every citizen today
    Celebrates this holiday!
    It is called the day of Russia,
    And for us, he is all great!
  7. I wish the days
    Become more beautiful!
    And dreams, dear people,
    Come true all at once!
  8. Those lands of the great Russian princes
    That so many centuries are unshakable!
    Those lands of the great Russian people
    Which are unique in the world!
  9. So be glorified, Russia, always and everywhere!
    And people of such a great power!
    I want to congratulate you on the holiday,
    Russia, you are the best in the world, perhaps!
  10. The Russian people, they are united and friendly!
    And there is hardly any in the world like him!
    And the holiday is beautiful today besides
    With him I want to congratulate all the Russians!