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  1. Thank you for working so hard to prevent our family from wallowing in poverty. Happy workers day.
  2. Workers are the true rulers. They bear the cross, they deserve the crown. Have a wonderful workers day celebration.
  3. Let your creativity find expression in work. Happy Labour Day.
  4. Workers are heroes. They build the nation. I’m proud of you. You are a hard worker. Happy workers day.
  5. The price to pay for wealth is diligent labour. May your labour yield wealth. Happy labour day.
  6. Complete every task. Be the labour great or small. Do it well or not at all. Happy labour day.
  7. A worker who does is job well is a treasure. Thank you for being that worker. Happy workers day.
  8. Let excellence distinguish your work from that of others. Always aspire to be better. Happy workers day.
  9. A workman is worthy of his wage. Do not deny labour of its fruits. Happy workers day celebration.
  10. Workers are a blessing to every nation. Societies thrive on their sweat. Happy workers day.