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  1. Vaisakhi de is paawan parv diyan sabnu vadhaiyyan. Wahe Guru Ji sab da bhala karein.
  2. Celebrate today and continue to celebrate in spirit every day the creation of the Khalsa
    Happy Vaisakhi!
  3. May the grace of God and divine blessings continually reside with you
    May you be filled with compassion, kindness, love, and an equal vision towards all
    Happy Vaisakhi
  4. Happy Vaisakhi to all,
    Heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking farmers who toil day and night to feed us
    May this season fill everyone’s life with peace & prosperity
  5. Time to celebrate the golden fields and rich harvest
    Happy Vaisakhi
  6. Happy Vaisakhi
    Let’s celebrate the festival of harvest with zest and joy
    Sharing and giving
  7. Happy Vaisakhi and a Happy New Year
    May there be happy celebrations of food and dance
    On this joyous harvest of spring
  8. Wishing you the values of Peace, Solidarity and Community
    Laid down by our Gurus
    Happy Vaisakhi
  9. Wishing you a joyous new season and a year filled with
    More vibrance,
    More prosperity,
    More happiness & wellbeing
    Happy Vaisakhi
  10. May divine blessings shower on you
    and bring new hope, new joy and cheer
    I convey my warm greetings and best wishes to all on this joyous Vaisakhi