Customized Happy Baisakhi Wishes Card

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  1. May you be able to sing the song of happiness!
    May you blossom like the fresh beautiful flowers!
    May your each day make you stronger!
    I wish you always walk on the path of truthfulness
    Happy Baisakhi!!
  2. Assortment of hope and happiness showers upon your life,
    This Baisakhi, you get all that becomes your light,
    May God send you the angel of prosperity for you!
    May all your wishes come true and hopes become happiness!
    Wish you a very happy and hopeful Baisakhi!!
  3. I wish a wish for you on Baisakhi,
    That all your wishes come true,
    May the almighty accepts all your wishes,
    May you get the best rewards for your benevolent deeds!
    May you get free of all the negatives inside you!
    Wish you a happy and fulfilling Baisakhi!!
  4. Surmey Gobind de piyare Sikhi de sitarey Khalse di dhan zindagi. Jina sheesh vi dharam uto varey Khalse di dhan zindagi. Happy Vaisakhi un khalseya de naa.
    Vaisakhi Diya Dher Saari Wadhaaiyan
  5. Vaisakhi diyan vadhaiyan!!
  6. Rab tuhadi Vaisakhi hoor ve khusiyan aate shanti naal bhar deve.
    Happy Vaisakhi
  7. Khusiyan da dehaara aaya
    Kankaan da rang hare to sunehra hoya.
    Is khusiyaan bhaare tyohaar de lakh-lakh wadai hove
    Happy Vaisakhi
  8. Vaisakhi de is paawan parv diyan sabnu vadhaiyyan. Wahe Guru Ji sab da bhala karein.
  9. Celebrate today and continue to celebrate in spirit every day the creation of the Khalsa
    Happy Vaisakhi!
  10. May the grace of God and divine blessings continually reside with you
    May you be filled with compassion, kindness, love, and an equal vision towards all
    Happy Vaisakhi