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  1. Today, we honor the loss of precious lives and ponder the gift of services.
  2. ANZAC Day is where we honor the memories of those brave Aussie and NZ soldiers who fought and never came home at Gallipoli 98 years ago.
  3. I have a little poppy, As red as red can be, To show that i remember those who fought to make me free
  4. Like my grandfather encouraging my father and uncles, to my father encouraging myself, down to my own children, we will at least in our own family try to pass on the ANZAC legacy”
  5. We remember and thank all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and country on this Anzac day.”
  6. This is the day of national memory. The day to remember the unforgotten heroes.
  7. It gives us great confidence that our country is in safe hands if the number of youth who turned up in Maitland is a representation of the rest of the youth of Australia.
  8. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them. Lest we forget.
  9. From us here at Aussie West Lakes, we pause to remember those who fought on conflicts over seas this Anzac day. Lest We Forget.
  10. Today, we celebrate freedom. And those that fought and died for it from many parts of the world.