Personalized Women’s Day Greetings Card

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  1. Happy Women’s Day, to someone who is much more wonderful than they think, with all my love.
  2. W – Wonderful,
    O – Outstanding,
    M – Marvellous,
    A – Amazing,
    N – Nice!
    Wishing you a day that’s just like you – really special!
  3. You are most unique creation of God, without you I cannot exist. Thank you for giving birth to me and always encouraging and inspiring me. Happy Women’s Day!
  4. Dear mother, you are my source of inspiration. You motivate me to do my best. Thanks for being my strongest support. Happy Women’s Day!
  5. Blessed was the day you came in my life. You changed my world for the better. Thank you for being there. Happy Women’s Day.
  6. No matter how many times I fail, I know there is a force that motivates me to try again. Thanks for being there my better-half. Happy Women’s Day!
  7. You deserve to be happy today so enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy Women’s day!
  8. Just wanted to thank you from bottom of my heart for all things you do! Happy Womens Day!
  9. She is wind, she is water. She is snow, she is fire. She is vibrant, she is ambitious. She is one of a kind. Happy Women’s Day!
  10. Let’s take time to appreciate the driving forces of the world, without them our existence is impossible. Happy Women’s Day ladies!