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  1. Healthy plants and trees yield
    Abundant flowers and fruits!
    Similarly, from a healthy person,
    Smiles and happiness shine
    Forth like the rays of the sun.
    Happy International Yoga day..!
  2. Health is wealth,
    Sun salutation is Best..!
    Pranayam is Rock..!
    Live life with big stock..!
    !!Happy International Yoga Day!!
  3. The only way to keep your health is perfect,
    Eat Proper, Drink Proper,
    Laugh Proper, Live proper,
    But do one more thing proper…
    Get up early morning and do proper yoga,
    Key of your good health..!
    **Happy yoga day**
  4. You cannot do yoga.
    Yoga is your natural state.
    What you can do are yoga exercises,
    which may reveal to you
    where you are resisting your natural state.
  5. Yoga is about awakening.
    Yoga is about creating a life
    That brings more beauty
    And more love into the world.v So make your life Beautiful
    On this International Yoga Day!!