Personalized Happy Boss’s Day Cards

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  1. Keep it coming, keep me gainfully busy, keep it happening! Thank you for being my Boss.
  2. Your fitness talks are an inspiration, a bonus which is much lived. Thank you Boss!
  3. I am grateful to this organization that it has given me a combo of Boss’s and mentor. Thanks Boss’s
  4. Hey Boss’s you are awesome, you have always ensured that my focus remains on my work and not on brain-drainers. Thanks
  5. You keep me busy and I don’t dislike you for that, in-fact I love that you keep me gainfully busy.
  6. Happy Boss’s Day to someone who does so much for this company and its employees.
  7. You are my combo offer – A Great Boss and A Great Mentor! Thank you for mentoring me.
  8. Nice to know and nice to work for – you’re the best kind of boss.
  9. Happy Boss’s Day to someone who works hard every day.
  10. Have a nice day Boss’s, I wish your day to remain filled with love and gratitude from all of us.