Make a Boss’s Day Card in Yourself

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  1. Encouraged + Creative + talented + A good person = Perfectionist and = You my Boss’s.
  2. For accomplishing success, one should know the right path to be followed. Thanks for all support and guidance.
  3. Your leadership will always be appreciated, not just within your workplace, but even outside, by many like me.
  4. The difference between a Boss’s and a leader is, leaders know how to bring the best from a person, without controlling them.
  5. My praise is not to impress you, but to make you feel, you are really a great Boss’s.
  6. Thanks for your wonderful way of making people feel valued and included.
  7. You are the kind of Boss’s with whom I always wanted to work and would.
  8. Happy Boss’s To the most inspirational, motivational, talented and great senior.
  9. You are the best Boss’s and on the top of that, you are the person with a big heart.
  10. Hope today your day is filled with the special kind of thoughtfulness you always bring to work.