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  1. Hope today your day is filled with the special kind of thoughtfulness you always bring to work.
  2. It takes a special kind of person to be a great boss -and you do it all so well.
  3. What make you different from other Boss’s is, when you don’t come to office, we feel bad.
  4. I have never missed any deadline working with you. You give so friendly atmosphere. Thanks for everything Boss’s.
  5. Hey Boss’s you are talent and creative and you know how to inspire people to achieve the desired goal.
  6. Boss’s you have all the qualities of excellence, you are encouraging, passionate, creative and a perfectionist.
  7. Before being a Boss’s, you are a good person and when this good person becomes a Boss’s, you rock.
  8. Whenever I stuck on something, I recall, how you would have handled this situation, and trust me it always work.
  9. Whenever I face any trouble, I called you and I receive the best advice. Thanks for all the support.
  10. You are the best Boss’s and on the top of that, you are the person with a big heart.