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  1. When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. – Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Do not judge others. Be your own judge and you will be truly happy. If you will try to judge others, you are likely to burn your fingers. – Mahatma Gandhi
  3. My religion teaches me to love all equally. – Mahatma Gandhi
  4. Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love. – Mahatma Gandhi
  5. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Mahatma Gandhi
  6. Don’t let anybody walk through your mind with dirty feet. – Mahatma Gandhi
  7. In a gentle way, you can shake the world.
  8. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
  9. Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.
  10. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.