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  1.  I am sorry for what I said to you out of anger. I was not in my right mind and I hope that you can forgive what I said.
  2. I am sorry that things are so difficult right now. Is there any way that we can work together to find a compromise that we are both happy with?
  3. I am sorry for behaving like a child. Can you forgive me?
  4. I hate myself for hurting you. Do you think you can ever forgive me?
  5. Without you, the world has no meaning for me. I miss you so much. Please forgive me for driving you out my life. There is nothing I want more than you back in my world.
  6. I am sorry for offending you. I do not know what I was thinking. Please accept my apology, I love you.
  7. I cannot glue the broken pieces of your heart together, but I can try to heal it with my love. Please forgive me and let me prove my devotion to you.
  8. I cannot promise that we will never have another fight, but I can promise to be more understanding and patient. Please give me another chance. I will try to be a better person for you.
  9. My lies might be the dark clouds, but your forgiveness would be the silver lining. I am sorry for deceiving you, please forgive me.
  10. I may have a hot temper but is not hotter than you. I am sorry.