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  1. I deeply regret hurting your feelings and making you second guess our relationship. Please believe me when I say that I am truly sorry for making you feel this way.
  2. I am sorry that I let my jealousy got the better of me. Please forgive me.
  3. I am so sorry for letting you down. I will do whatever it takes to make you want to stay with me.
  4. When I say to you that I am sorry, I am also saying that I love you.
  5. I am sorry that I broke my promise to you. I will do better if you will take me back.
  6.  Please forgive me for the careless mistakes that I have made in our relationship.
  7. I am sorry for letting my emotions get the better of me. I love you and I want to treat you right.
  8. I am sorry that I thought you were flirting with someone else. I allowed myself to overreact first without giving you a chance to defend yourself.
  9. I am sorry for losing my temper. I love you and you did not deserve any of that.
  10. I am sorry I was so rude to you. You deserve only the most tender love and affection.