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  1. Online Editable Norway Constitution Day Wishes with Company DetailsTry not to meddle with anything in the Constitution. That must be kept up, for it is the main protect of our freedoms. Happy Norway Constitution Day!
  2. Our constitution ensures outsiders, lushes and U.S. Representatives. Happy constitution and citizenship day.
  3. The legislature was set to shield man from crooks — and the Constitution was composed to shield man from the administration. The Bill of Rights was not coordinated against private residents, yet against the legislature
  4. I think there are just three things America will be known for a long time from now when they contemplate this development: the Constitution, jazz music, and baseball. Happy Norway Constitution Day!
  5. When they opposed the blasting and shelling of the frontier firearms, our author fathers needed nothing pod sway for this country. Let us generally safeguard this blessing from our forerunners. Glad Constitution Day!
  6. Opportunity as a primary concern, confidence in words. Pride in our souls and recollections in our spirits. We should salute the country on Constitution Day.
  7. May the most brilliant star in its course visit no land more liberated, more joyful, lovelier, than this our very own property. All the best to you on this Constitution Day!
  8. Give each educator a chance to show the understudy how to cherish this country, let each parent impart in his or her children and girls the magnificence of our country. Happy Norway Constitution Day!
  9. The distinction between what we do and what we can do would get the job done to take care of a large portion of the world’s issues! Glad Constitution Day.
  10. The Constitution just gives individuals the privilege to seek after joy. You need to get it yourself.