Norway Constitution Day with Name Greeting

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  1. Opportunity as a primary concern, confidence in words. Pride in our souls and recollections in our spirits. We should salute the country on Constitution Day 2015.
  2. May the most brilliant star in its course visit no land more liberated, more joyful, lovelier, than this our very own property. All the best to you on this Constitution Day!
  3. Give each educator a chance to show the understudy how to cherish this country, let each parent impart in his or her children and girls the magnificence of our country. Glad Constitution Day!
  4. The distinction between what we do and what we can do would get the job done to take care of a large portion of the world’s issues! Glad Constitution Day.
  5. Saluting Norway! Where each bud sprouts in its genuine nature, where every day is festivity of solidarity, concordance and combination. Glad Constitution Day.
  6. To shield vote based system the general population must have a sharp feeling of autonomy, sense of pride and their unity, and should demand picking as their delegates just such people as are great and genuine.
  7. Constitution is certifiably not a negligible attorneys archive, it is a vehicle of Life, and its soul is consistently the soul of Age.
  8. I feel that the constitution is serviceable, it is adaptable and it is sufficiently able to hold the nation together both in peacetime and in wartime.
  9. There are governing rules and wide partition of forces under the Constitution.
  10. The Constitution is itself the result of the opportunity battle. Happy constitution and citizenship day.