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  1. Online Editable Isra Miraj Wishes with Company DetailsOn this Isra Wal, Mi’raj night let us send Salawat on our beloved Prophet.
  2. Happy Isra Wal Mi’raj. Let us gain deeper strength and wisdom of belief not only for ourselves but for the whole community.
  3. Let our practice and support equality among the whole mankind on this special eve to mark the day more special.
  4. This is the day when we should do something good to society or any individual to make our Prophet proud.
  5. On this day let us provide some help to the needy ones of the society as our Prophet did for the whole community.
  6. Let us worship Allah at night today as it is said that worshipping him at night is better than worshipping Him for a thousand months.
  7. Forgiveness gives us a kind and special feeling. Let us celebrate today by forgiving each other’s mistakes.
  8. On this Isra and Mi’raj night, let us celebrate the night journey and the holy ascension.
  9. We wish you a blessed day!! Our best wishes on the observance of Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj May this miraculous & inspirational night bring you all the blessings
  10. This Isra Wal Mi’raj let us take the chance to preach to the students about the holy night journey of Prophet Muhammad.