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  1. This is the day where we pray to Allah and ask for forgiveness from everyone we know.
  2. On this day of Isra and Mi’raj let us help in attaining peace so that Muhammad can have a sound sleep today.
  3. Happy Isra Mi’raj Say Thanks To Allah Who Gave Us A Leader, They Light Of Life Prophet Muhammad SAW
  4. Shab-e-Meraj Mubarak to you and your family. ..
  5. The occasion of Isra and Mi’raj Day reminds us that there is nothing more important than attaining peace in life and we must work for it.
  6. On the occasion of Isra and Mi’raj Day, let us take this opportunity to offer prayers to those who are seek and seek blessings from Allah for a blessed life.
  7. The auspicious occasion of Isra and Mi’raj Day reminds each one of us to fulfill all our duties and responsibilities that we might have missed on during all these years.
  8. Let us celebrate the special occasion of Isra and Mi’raj Day with our family and friends by offering the night prayers and praying for happiness and peace.
  9. We wish you and your family peace and prosperity on the holy occasion of Isra’ Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  10. Let us take this opportunity on this day and off Niyaz, prayers for those who are dead.