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  1. Jeevan Yatra me Chalte Chalte, Swarth , moh , agyantawah… Hui bhulo k leye… Sache swatch riday se… Shamayachna karte hue… Hum apke sneh metri bhav ki kamna karte hai… MICHHAMI DUKKADAM….
  2. Samavatsari means Samta with vrat in the whole year. if i hurt you by words, actions or thoughts i heartly beg Chama. You are so good that you mill forgive me by all means. Michammi Dukkdam
  3. Chhota sa sansaar, Galtiyan apaar, aapke paas hai Kshama ka adhikaar, Kar lijiye nivedan sweekar
  4. If I hurt you by words, actions or thoughts I heartly beg Chhama. You are so good that you mill forgive me by all means. Michammi Dukdam.
  5. On this pious occassion of Jain Samvatsari’, I am apologetic for everything if I have impair you knowingly or unknowingly in any ways by my action, my talk or my thought. Please exonerate me with your full affection – michhami Dukkadam.
  6. May this Paryushan Parv brings you happiness and prosperity.
    May we all get self-purification and uplift so that we can adhere
    the ten universal virtues in our practical life successfully.
  7. Navkar mara man mai che, Jain maro darm che, Grudev ma mara pran che, Moksha ni mane apeksha che, Paryushan Mahaparva Nimite Jai Jenendra, Bole chale MICCHAMI DUKKADAM
  8. Mann vachan kaya se jaante hue ya ajante hue dil dukhaya ho to aapse Michhami Dukkadam
  9. Agar jane anjane me hamare parivar se koi bhi bhool Ho gayi ho to usse bhool samaj kar bhul jaye…
  10. On this Holy Day of Mahaparva Parsyushan,
    May I Ask for Your Forgiveness If Knowingly
    or Unknowingly I where Wrong On Our Deed,
    Word, or Action.