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  1. He is lifted up, that he may satisfy his plan in cutting the dust, and give the task of our salvation to his final finishing work. – John Flavell!
  2. This marked the return of his heavenly glory. With a brief exception in the Transfiguration, the glory of Jesus was revealed during his soot on Earth.
  3. This set the pattern for his return. When Jesus comes to establish the kingdom, he will return just as he truly, physically and appears in the clouds, Ascension Day Of Jesus Christ
  4. After this time, Jesus has always been with us in the direction of humanity’s greatest achievements. Thank them on this ascension day
  5. On Asan day, the blessings of God always shine on you and the life you are living needs to be improved. Happy Ascension Day.
  6. In your journey filled with sorrow and smile, speak the name of the Lord and he will protect you, which is the angel angel. Wishing you a lovely ascension day.
  7. Jesus has shown that there is a world full of more compassion, more generosity, and more grace than the world we live in.
  8. Wishing a very Happy Ascension Day to you and your family. May you seek blessings of Jesus on this auspicious day.
  9. On the eve of Ascension Day, I hope we all are thankful to our Lord for opening the gateway of heaven for humanity to enter and celebrate.
  10. Open the pyramid of love that is stored on all of us and May you shower it on humanity to make the Lord and its children happy.