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  1. It is both sad and happy that Jesus was taken away from us in his ascension to heaven while enabling his devotees to achieve the same.
  2. Our Lord is already in a place of peace and now it is our responsibility to celebrate his ascension and hope for him to take us there.
  3. The journey to heaven can be tough but we must not give up as it is our only chance to be in the presence of our Lord.
  4. As the ascension day is upon us, the lord is looking at all of us trying to be our best as it is the only way we all can be with him.
  5. How richer would all of us be if the deeds used to achieve it aren’t pure. May you be virtuous towards Lord to attain the miracle of ascension.
  6. The eve of Ascension Day is the birth of an inner you that is celebrated as the spiritual individualism headed towards the step of simple ascension.
  7. On this of our Lord’s ascension into heaven it is necessary that we all express our gratitude and love towards him by doing good deeds.
  8. It was an extraordinary day when Jesus was heading towards heaven. Celebrate this day with a lot of good luck and love, Happy Ascension Day Wishes
  9. The Lord has already prepared our citizenship in heaven and all we have to do is to show the Lord why we deserve the privilege of heaven.
  10. Jes has shown that the world we live in is a world filled with more compassion, more generosity, and more grace.
  11. Our Lord is on the right hand of God and so should we. May the warmth of this occasion serve you right and keeps the love alive.
  12. This is the day that means a lot to our religion as the Lord was taken from earth to set a path for us into the delightful heavenly world.