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  1. Free Create Rath Yatra Greeting for your CustomerMay every Indian be happy and prosperous on this Rathyatra Festival. Jai Jagannath!
  2. As the Rath Yatra settles in, the journey begins. Pray for Krishna and pull the chariot to let him reach his aunt’s place safely. Have a great Rath Yatra.
  3. The bruises and cuts shall go away but the blessings you get in this festival shall stay with you forever and after.
  4. Jay Jagannath… Wish you a very happy Rath yatra. May this Rath Yatra bring you happiness in your life.
  5. As you pull the wheels of Rath with full force, it is obvious that you will feel great pain and feel like dying. However, once it is over, you will be born again and that too with a fresh life and a lot to live for.
  6. Let’s Celebrate and this Divine Day Day of Glory of Lord Jagannath. Happy Jagannath Rath Yatra!
  7. As the yatra becomes tough, with every breath take Lord Jagannath’s name and feel energised. Have a blessed Rath yatra.
  8. Smoothen Lord Kirshna’s journey to his Aunt’s place and in return he shall allow you to have a smooth life and happy memories.
  9. As lakhs of devotees gather to offer their unending devotion to the lord, you delve deep into love of god and pray for the common good. Have a safe Rath Yatra.
  10. We wish all devotees a very Happy Rath Yatra!
  11. With so many people coming from the various corners of the world, it is important that you take care of yourself and stay safe while devoting to god with all your heart. Have a happy Rath Yatra.