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  1. The more faith you have on god, the less pain you shall feel while pulling the Rath. Invest your power to God and get back all the blessings.
  2. If you have faith, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Pray with all your heart to Lord Krishna and get all that you deserve in life. Happy RATH Yatra. Enjoy, Pray and Love.
  3. It’s not always essential for you to pull the chariots, at times being at your work station and thriving for god’s goal completion will lead you to moksha. Celebrate Rath Yatra and pray for all you need.
  4. The difference between ordinary people and the followers of Lord Jagannath is that the later know how to push the limits and get more in life. Pour your heart out to the supreme deity in this Rath Yatra.
  5. May every Indian be happy and prosperous on this Rathyatra Festival. Jai Jagannath!
  6. As the Rath Yatra settles in, the journey begins. Pray for Krishna and pull the chariot to let him reach his aunt’s place safely. Have a great Rath Yatra.
  7. The bruises and cuts shall go away but the blessings you get in this festival shall stay with you forever and after.
  8. JayJagannath… Wish you a very happy Rath yatra. May this Rath Yatra bring you happiness in your life.
  9. Smoothen Lord Kirshna’s journey to his Aunt’s place and in return he shall allow you to have a smooth life and happy memories.
  10. As lakhs of devotees gather to offer their unending devotion to the lord, you delve deep into love of god and pray for the common good. Have a safe Rath Yatra.