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  1. There is no other power on the globe
    Where so much honor, valor and glory.
    Russians are proud of their country
    And they honor all historical boundaries.
  2. We congratulate you on Russia Day.
    Together with Russia, we wish you prosperity.
    Let it be, as before, good,
    Good, your Russian soul is open!
  3. Success and happiness in the country
    There will be no bad weather
    I congratulate you!
    I wish you to be happy! Happy Russia Day 2022!
  4. The country is a great, powerful country
    She became independent
    Thanks everyone for that.
  5. Happy Independence Day, Russia,
    No conquered country!
    You are stately and beautiful
    And in the heart of each one! Happy Russia Day 2022!
  6. Independence for us
    Like a blessing
    Therefore today at peace time
    We wish you all the best!
  7. Russia Day is a glorious holiday.
    May there be clouds in the sky today
    This holiday is the most important
    Glory to the mighty Motherland!
    Happy Russia Day 2022!