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  1. The quality of the Constitution lies altogether in the assurance of every native to protect it. Just if each and every native feels compelled by a sense of honor to do his offer in this resistance are the constitutional rights secure.
  2. Our Constitution was made distinctly for a good and religious individuals. It is completely deficient to the legislature of some other.
  3. It was one of the trade offs of the Constitution that the slave property in the Southern States ought to be perceived as property all through the United States.
  4. The Constitution merits sparing, the standard of law merits sparing, majority rule government merits sparing, yet these things can and will be lost if everybody keeps an eye out for another person.
  5. To me, to be a traditionalist way to preserve the great pieces of Norway and to ration our Constitution.
  6. Try not to meddle with anything in the Constitution. That must be kept up, for it is the main protect of our freedoms. Happy constitution and citizenship day.
  7. The Constitution just gives individuals the privilege to seek after joy. You need to get it yourself.
  8. The Constitution is the guide which I never will desert. Happy constitution and citizenship day.
  9. We have the most seasoned composed constitution still in power on the planet, and it begins with three words, ‘We, the general population.’
  10. Anyway great a Constitution might be, if the individuals who are executing it are bad, it will demonstrate to be awful. Anyway terrible a Constitution might be, if those actualizing it are great, it will demonstrate to be great.