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  1. Making Dua for the others without knowing them is one of the exceptional beauties of Islam and in return, the angels would recommend to Allah for you. Keep praying.
  2. Be happy while helping others, as Allah is helping the person through you. May Allah give all of us the ability to help others! Jumma Mubarak 2024.
  3. On this auspicious day of Jumma, There is nothing much precious gift than Dua to give someone. May Allah acknowledge all your dua in Jumma petition!
  4. Jumma is a valuable day that contains more Sawab and brings uncountable blessings. May Allah allow us to do more worships of Him on this precious day!
  5. May Allah keep us away from the wrong things that will take us away from Him and let us follow the good things that will take us closer to Him! Jumma Mubarak 2024.
  6. Pray for many others prior to praying on your own. Let’s be on your head whilst praying that this Jumma prayer.
  7. Superior things and great things alone will Allah provide unto you. Jumma’at Kareem 2024.
  8. Whenever you’re in a state to provide an assist. A person just does it be thankful since Allah is calling, somebody’s insecurities, through u. Jumma Mubarak 2024!
  9. Assalamu Alaikum everybody. Have a blessed happy Jumma Mubarak from the grace of Allah.
  10. Old things will pass away and new items will come away. May Allah always do new things on your lifetime. Happy Friday 2024!