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  1. Create Finland Independence Day 2022 Wishes with your Business DetailsLet the spirit of freedom a chance to soar high up today. I wish you a fabulous celebration on Finnish Independence Day 2023!
  2. On this day of Finland’s Freedom, I bow before the holy spirit of those heroes who sacrificed their lives for Finland’s Independence from Russia. May their souls rest in peace!
  3. Thank you to all the brave fighters who sacrificed their lives to make us one of the greatest and proudest nation in the world. Happy Finland Independence Day 2023!
  4. Life is full of positivity and harmony, only if you have the heart to feel it. Happy Finland Independence Day to you. Keep the spirit of freedom high always!
  5. Freedom means choosing your burden. Happy Finland Independence Day 2023!
  6. Independence did not mean chauvinism and narrow nationalists. It means equality , liberation and sense of responsibility for all citizens.
  7. True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.
  8. Freedom was taken by the blood that was given.Happy Finland Independence Day 2023!
  9. Sacrificing own life for the country requires a lot of courage, but doing something good for the country only requires a will. Happy Finland Independence Day 2023!
  10. It does not matter who we are, what matters is our contribution to the betterment of the country. Happy Finland Independence Day 2023!