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  1. Wishing you a fabulously happy Earth Day! May your blessings be as big as this earth!
  2. Happy Mother Earth Day to a truly wonderful individual in my life. May this special day bestow upon you every good thing you have ever wanted in life.
  3. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are a phenomenal individual. Have a wonderful time celebrating Earth Day.
  4. We only have one earth. I hope this special day reminds us of how important it is to keep it healthy and safe for future generations. Happy Earth Day to you!
  5. Just as Mother Earth is critical to our survival, so are you critical to my happiness. Have a truly amazing Earth Day!
  6. Today is truly a great day! May God bless Mother Earth and all her wonderful children – most especially you! Happy Earth Day!
  7. As you celebrate Earth Day today, do know that I treasure you more than anything in my life. Happy Earth Day. And don’t forget to go green!
  8. I want to wish one of the sweetest people in my life a very Happy Earth Day celebration. May this wonderful day fill your world with truly magical moments.
  9. In honor of International Mother Earth Day, I want to thank you for your never-ending efforts in protecting this environment. Keep up the great work. Happy Earth Day!
  10. Happy Earth Day, my dear! It’s people like you who make this world a better place. Enjoy this special day, knowing that I value you like I value my life. Stay blessed.