Greeting Card for Happy Earth Day

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  1. On this Mother Earth Day, may the heavenly showers of happiness and good fortune pour down on you. Have a fabulous day!
  2. It’s Earth Day! May the powerful spirit of the Earth be your protector and guide today and forevermore. Happy Earth Day!
  3. You are my favorite citizen of planet Earth. Have yourself a Happy Earth Day.
  4. In my eyes, you are as precious as the Earth is to mankind. Happy Earth Day.
  5. May the merciful spirits and gods of the Earth make your skies blue and your fields green. Happy Earth Day.
  6. Good planets like Earth are very hard to find. If you were a planet, you’d be planet Earth because good people like you are very hard to find. Happy Mother Earth Day!
  7. I shall forever be grateful to this planet for giving me the opportunity to meet someone as wonderful as you. Had it not been for Earth, how else would I have met you?! Happy International Earth Day, my dear!
  8. Wishing a happy Earth Day to the sunshine of my world. May this remarkable day bless you with good health and make every step of your earthly journey a blissful experience!
  9. Your presence in this world makes it brighter. I hope you always remember that! Happy Earth Day.
  10. You are the youth full of high spirits and hope and you have the power to save Earth… Happy Earth Day.