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  1. You had taken the responsibility of serving the nation, and you fulfilled it with utmost perfection. Thank you veterans 2022!
  2. You are a real-life superhero who has protected his people and I feel honored to know you. Thank you!
  3. Happy Veterans Day and an infinite amount of respect to you. You are the best of the bests.
  4. I appreciate every veteran, but even among them, I find you to be the bravest and strongest. Happy Veterans Day 2022!
  5. You have built the future of our country with your own hands and I salute you for that.
  6. Happy Veterans Day to every person who has served in the army and also to those who are currently serving. You people are the saviors of the nation.
  7. Thank you for the countless hours of struggle and hard work, all of which you have gone through for the sake of the country. Happy Veterans Day 2022!
  8. Your service meant more to me than you may ever know. Through your work in the Army, you have protected my family’s serenity, freedom, and faith in our armed forces.
  9. To the Veterans who have brought us our freedom and to the ones who have kept it secured, I bow down with respect towards you all. Happy Veterans Day 2022!
  10. Happy Veterans Day to every service-person. You all have been the reliable protectors of our motherland, and we owe our independence to you.