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  1. Let us try to live happily and rise above all imperfections in life.
  2. This day we should enlighten our children about the true meaning of life.
  3. Let us enlighten our soul and mind on the right path. Isra Wal Miraj 2024 Mubarak.
  4. Wish everyone a happy and prosperous Ascension Day. Let us rejoice in happiness.
  5. Tonight is Shab-e-Meraj. Remember me in your prayers. May Allah provide you with solace, bundles of happiness, health, and wealth.
  6. This day is about rising above hate. Isra Wal Mi’raj Mubarak 2024.
  7. Al Isra Wal Mi’raj The Miracles Of The Night Journey And The Ascension
  8. May your prayers tonight bring to you satisfaction, prosperity, faith, and divine love for Allah!
  9. On this day of Prophet Muhammad’s Ascension, it makes us proud to be a fellow followers of Allah and Islam. Today is about feeling proud of being an Islam.
  10. Let us seek the blessings of the Prophet on this sacred day. Isra Wal Mi’raj Mubarak 2024
  11. This sacred day, let all brothers and sisters unite to praise the Prophet.