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  1. The world belongs to everyone but it cannot sustain everyone. So, on this day raise awareness about the need to control global population growth and ensure the survival of the earth. Best wishes on this World Population Day.
  2. Live bravely and enjoy the beautiful things the world has to offer. Control the population and celebrate this day. Wish you a very happy World Population Day.
  3. Overcrowding has never helped anyone. Save nature and sustain our planet by controlling the growth of the population. Wish you a very happy World Population Day.
  4. There is only so much water that glass can hold. In the same way, there are only a limited number of people our earth can support. So save our earth and control the population on this day. Wish you a very happy World Population Day.
  5. Best Wishes on the World Population Day for everyone. Smart planning of population can be the best gift for our children.
  6. We can support the planet, but can it support the rapid growth of the population? Let’s think about this question together. Have a great day.
  7. Wish you all a happy world population day. Hope you all are much aware of what you must do and must not do.
  8. Birth Control is as easy as using a Cap. Try it!
  9. Do not squeeze more people in one room. Happy World Population Day.
  10. Let be spacious in this planet for our own sake.

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