Greeting Cards for World Population Day 2024

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  1. The earth has also a limit. Be mindful of that on this world population day.
  2. Control the population today, enjoy a spacious and better world tomorrow. Happy World Population Day 2024.
  3. Not everything big is better! Like a big population for our small planet. Have a great world population day.
  4. Checking on population growth is an absolute necessity. Do not ignore it. Preach this on this World Population Day 2024.
  5. Better to control the population than seeing it receding by nature or man-made disaster.
  6. Resource are limited, population should be too. Let’s enhance our knowledge on family planning and population control on this world population day.
  7. Relaxation time is over. To make our planet sustainable, let’s focus on rapid population growth. Happy World Population Day 2024.
  8. Imagine living with 10 people in your one-bedroom apartment. That is how the world will feel in the coming years. Raise awareness against overpopulation on this world population day.
  9. On this occasion of world population day, take the pledge to control the population.
  10. Environment can only be kept livable if the population control is in our hands. Let’s work on this.