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  1. The brotherly love I get from you is unique, and I believe I cannot get much from anyone else. Happy Brother’s Day!
  2. I am sending my love to the best brother in the world. Accept it from the best sister you have. Wishing you a happy brother’s day.
  3. You’re one of the best parts of my life, brother. No one can take your place. Happy brother’s and sister’s day.
  4. Thanks for always having my back and leading this silly girl to the right path. Happy brother’s and sister’s day.
  5. The world is getting older, but I am discovering our relationship in new ways every day. I am the luckiest sister in the world. Thank you for being my brother.
  6. My brother is the best because for him I never feel underestimated by anybody. Wishing Happy Brother’s Day to the best brother in the world.
  7. Dear sister, we may have the fair share of our quarrels every day, but that does not lessen my love for you in any way! Happy Brothers and Sisters Day!
  8. My loving sister, Happy Sister Day! I may not say it every day, but thank you for always having my back no matter what. Take my hugs!
  9. You are my bodyguard by default who loves and supports me unconditionally. Thank you for everything dear brother. Have a great Brother’s Day.
  10. We are there for each other no matter what happens and it makes our bond so unique. I am so lucky to share this bond with you. Happy Brother’s Day.