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  1. Paryushan Parva is celebrated to purify our soul by staying closer to our own soul, to look at our own faults, to ask for forgiveness for the mistakes that we have committed and take vows to minimize our faults in the future. Happy Paryushan Parva!
  2. Pari + upshamana = upshamana means to suppress, to suppress our passions (kashayas – anger, ego, deceit and greed) from all directions. Happy Paryushan Parva!
  3. On this Holy Day of Mahaparva Parsyushan,
    May I Ask for Your Forgiveness If Knowingly
    or Unknowingly I where Wrong On Our Deed,
    Word, or Action.
  4. P = Pratikam
    A = Aaradhna
    R = rag Dewsh mittana
    Y = Yachna
    u = Upvaas
    s = Samayik
    h = Har roz PuJa
    A = Athai
    N = Navkar Jap
    Pure kare Paryushan Maha Parv ..||
  5. paryushan ka aagman hai
    dharam dhyan ki rut hai
    dharam karo karm ko todo
    yahi sandesh duniya ko do
  6. On this auspicious day of Samvatsa, I beg for forgiveness for all hurts caused by me knowingly & unknowingly. !! Michchhami Dukkadam !!
  7. I grant forgiveness to all living beings,
    All living beings grant me forgiveness on this samvatsari parv
    Michhami Dukkadam
  8. If I Hurt You By Words, Actions Or Thoughts I Heartily Beg Kshma. You Are So Good That You Mill Forgive Me By All Means. Michammi Dukkdam. Happy Samvatsari