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  1. I pray that Goddess Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji protects our lovely family from evils and blesses us with fortune and prosperity. Shubh Labh Pancham!
  2. I hope Maa Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji blesses you with all the good things and helps you face all the challenges in life. Have a great time in one of the most beautiful festivals on the earth! Happy Labh Pancham.
  3. I hope Maa gives you courage and strength to face all the odds in life and showers your life with unlimited happiness. Wish you a very enjoyable Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji puja!
  4. May you have the best Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji Puja this year. May the blessings of Maa sweeps you away to the land of eternal happiness. have a great time with your family!
  5. May Maa Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji shows us the path to eternal peace and prosperity. May she blesses us with the power to defeat the evils in our life!
  6. May goddess Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji keep us all close to each other, protects our family from evil, and empower us with the light of knowledge and truth! Happy Labh Pancham to all!
  7. I wish all my neighbors a prosperous year ahead. May Maa Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji keeps us all safe from harm. May she remove all the obstacles from our paths!
  8. May the divine mother give you strength and courage. Happy Labh Pancham to you all!
  9. Wishing you lots of love and happiness on this Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji Puja! Shubh Labh Pancham!
  10. I hope Maa leads you to the path of happiness. Wishing you a Happy Labh Pancham.
  11. I feel honored to be part of a family so devoted to their religion and culture. I wish all of you a happy and joyful Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji puja this year!