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  1. The safety, honour & welfare of your country comes first, always & every time. The honour, welfare & comfort of the men you command, come next. Your own ease, comfort & safety come last, always & every time.
  2. This had been the motto of the armed forces of India and they followed it through life and death. And a recent one during the rescue operations of Uttarakhand floods , by Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne
  3. Our helicopter rotors will not stop churning till such time we get each one of you out. by Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne
  4. Indian Army is home to some of the bravest men in the world. Indian army is world’s third largest and its soldiers are considered best in high altitude battles. The Indian Army guards one of the most notorious international borders. Indian northern border behaves like a battle-field all around the year. But, thank the gods & the Indian soldiers, you can safely read this post. No one deserves the title of a ‘hero’ more than a soldier. The brave men and women at the Indian army stay away from their families, miss every significant thing in their lives and sacrifice their lives just so that you can be with your loved ones and sleep peacefully at night.
  5. It means you should have to fight & fight to win , there is no roof for the losers . If you lose don’t come back , you will have disgraced the country & the country won’t accept you – FIELD MARSHAL Sam Maneckshaw
  6. If anyone tells you he is never afraid, he is a liar or he is a Gurkha. – On the Indian Army’s Gurkha Regiment.
  7. I’m always ready, sweetie.- On being asked by Indira Gandhi about the Indian Army’s readiness for the 1971 war.
  8. Don’t you think I would be a worthy replacement for you, Madam Prime Minister? You have a long nose. So have I. But I don’t poke my nose into other people’s affairs.- To Indira Gandhi, on rumours of him planning a coup to replace her.
  9. Gentlemen, I have arrived and there will be no withdrawal without written orders and these orders shall never be issued – During 1962 War, when he was sent to North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) to command retreating Indian forces against the Chinese force.
  10. You received three at this age; when I was of your age, I received nine bullets and look- today, I am the Commander in Chief of the Indian Army. – During the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War when he met an injured soldier in army hospital with three bullet wounds.