Valentines day Greetings with Name

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  1. I like to spend most of my Valentine’s Day wondering how I got so lucky to have you.
  2. Valentine’s day is a good excuse for me to tell you what I should tell you every day. I appreciate you.Happy Valentine’s Day!
  3. Can’t stop loving you.Happy Valentine’s Day!
  4. If my words could describe how sweet you are. I’ll have to show you with my lips instead. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  5. Love is the glue that holds us together and keeps us smiling every day of the year. On this beautiful day, we celebrate this love of a lifetime. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. wanted to buy you flowers, but I thought they might get envious of your beauty.
  7. Valentine’s Day can be a tough day for people without a special someone. Thank you for making Valentine’s Day easy on me.Happy Valentine’s Day!
  8. I wanted to buy you Choclate but I thought they might be envious of your sweetness.Happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. God was showing off when he made you.Happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. We’re very different in many things we do in life, but we do have one very important thing in common, our profound and true love for each other.Happy Valentine’s Day!