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  1. You are the proudest and most valued employees because, without you guys, nothing would have been possible. Congratulations!
  2. Thank you all for not letting this company fail even for once. You have proved in all these years why you are the best in the field. Congratulations!
  3. When a company has staffs like you, success is no more a dream, it’s a sure thing to be achieved. Happy corporate anniversary!
  4. All these successes in all these years would not have been possible if this company didn’t have someone like you leading us from the front. Congratulations!
  5. If there is ever a corporate history written on this company, it will start with you and end with you. You are not just another amazing boss, you are THE BOSS!
  6. You have brought so many successes for this company that its impossible to look into the future without you. Congratulations to the greatest CEO ever!
  7. You made us laugh, you made us learn and you made us proud. It’s your contributions that made this company the giant today. Happy anniversary!
  8. We don’t need to look far to find inspiration. We have you in our midst and we all know no one can do it better than you. Congratulations!
  9. You are not just our partners, you are the assets that we value most. happy corporate anniversary. Thanks for being a part of us!
  10. Clients like you are our capitals for the future. You have been our greatest inspires and our biggest supporters in all these years. Congratulations!