Pakistan Independence Day with Name Wishes

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  1. There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. Happy Independence Day! – Quaid e Azam
  2. If we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous, we should wholly and solely concentrate on the well-being of the people, and especially of the masses and poor. – Quaid e Azam
  3. People who have no hold over their process of thinking ara likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. Happy 14th August! – Allama Iqbal
  4. The story of Pakistan, its struggle and its achievement, is the very story of great human ideals, struggling to survive in the face of great odds and difficulties. – Quaid e Azam
  5. Let all the Pakistan people take oath on this beautiful day. Let us vow that we will stay truthful to this land until the end of our days. Have a happy independence day!
  6. Feel the pride of sharing this land with brave men. They fought for our independence and for this reason we should remain true to our own deeds.
  7. Pakistan is a nation that is built on Harmony, peace, prosperity, and development. Happy Independence Day!
  8. Let’s promote independence by promoting a Human Right Culture in which respect for human rights should be great.
  9. What does Independence mean to you? Do you feel the same happiness that comes with this special day? Build on what our forefathers started. Happy Independence day
  10. I love Pakistan, I love its people, I love its forefathers, I love my country and I will forever stand with what is right. Hope you do the same. Have a happy Independence day.