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  1. Environment needs to be protected and we must come together to save it. Wishing a very Happy World Environment Day to all the employees.
  2. We have always believed that nothing is impossible and on World Environment Day, we must learn that saving the environment is also possible. Warm wishes on this day.
  3. Let us save the environment for our generations to come. Happy World Environment Day.
  4. If we don’t protect our environment today, we will repent later. A very Happy World Environment Day.
  5. Harmony with environment is the need of the hour. With discord, we will soon be left with nothing in our hands.
  6. Never blame environment but always blame yourself for not taking care of the most precious gift God gave us.
  7. What should be our first priority is sadly the last one….. Always keep environment before everything else!!!
  8. The best that we can do for our coming generations is that we save the environment for them.
  9. Let us take a pledge to make our environment healthier and greener on World Environment Day.
  10. The onus of saving our environment is on us and World Environment Day is a reminder.