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  1. Let us celebrate the occasion of Slovakia Constitution Day with full enthusiasm and at the same, we must also feel proud to be a part of this wonderful nation.
  2. All the citizens of Slovakia must participate in the celebrations of Slovakia Constitution Day irrespective of their faith, gender, class, and race.
  3. On Slovakia Constitution Day, let us all pray to the Almighty Allah so that he showers his blessings on our nation.
  4. May this National Day brings fortune and success for each and every one of us. May our country see more progress in the coming years! Happy Slovakia Constitution Day!
  5. Happy Slovakia Constitution Day to you. Today let’s celebrate those who shed their blood for our freedom. They are the ones who deserve the glory!
  6. Always stand for what you believe, stand for what is right, and stand for what you desire. True freedom lies where the mind is without fear. Happy Slovakia Constitution Day!
  7. Whatever our religion, in the end, we are all Slovakias. Wishing a very Happy Slovakia Constitution Day to everyone.
  8. Together we can make our nation stronger and successful and that is by following our constitution with all our heart. Happy Slovakia Constitution Day.
  9. Happy National Day Slovakia. My tribute to the lives and sacrifices of those who gave us freedom.
  10. Happy Slovakia Constitution Day to the patriots who continue to work relentlessly for this country and our nation.
  11. Today we cherish the ones who made our independence possible. Freedom is hard to get, but we were blessed to have it. Let’s appreciate everything we have and celebrate the great miracle of freedom. Happy Slovakia Constitution Day.